SAFE believes that there are no unique ideas and solutions to specific problems, and that is why we dedicate much of our time to design and engineer our ideas, our solutions and innovations.

SAFE is able to design, build and install monitoring systems phonometric vibrometric and multi-point and multi-channel ideal for measuring physical agents inside and outside of industrial areas, industrial areas, construction sites, road and railway infrastructures.

These advanced systems allow the publication of data in real time on the FTP server, Web pages, are also able to manage alarms, warning systems to avoid or prevent critical situations.

Monitoring systems can be interfaced with any software prediction acoustics can create noise maps updated according to the collected data.

SAFE also creates and sells many other technological solutions within the Safety Management and Acoustics.

Our ideas are developed also with:

  • Design and implementation systems and networks for monitoring
  • Rental of sound and vibration monitoring stations
  • Establish systems for measuring noise and vibration
  • Design and implementation of professional audio systems
  • Design and construction mitigation and reclamation
  • Design gas detection systems, pollutants and Emergency Management